Vikelani Amalungelo Booklets

The Know your Rights’ campaign and Incident Forums, initiated in Durban by informal workers together with Asiye eTafuleni (AeT), has evolved into the development of the Vikelani Amalungelo project. Vikelani Amalungelo: Uma singabambisana singenza kangcono (isiZulu for “Protect our Rights: If we all work together, we can do better”) was launched in October 2019 to trader committee leaders who represent over 21,000 informal workers across Durban’s inner-city. The knowledge and understanding of their rights as informal workers is paramount in redressing the social, political and economic impact on the right to earn decent livelihoods in society. A rights-based toolkit was presented, which comprised of 6 Vikelani Amalungelo booklets in both isiZulu and English (download booklets below);

Vikelani Amalungelo aims to clarify rights versus responsibilities, obligations for both traders and the municipality and the progressive realisation of legislative rights accorded to informal workers. There is a need for municipalities to be held accountable, to ensure that they proactively respond to the challenges experienced by informal workers working in public spaces.

The ideal public space, advocated by informal workers through the establishment of Incident Forums ensures equitable access, advocates for justice and compensation, encourages meaningful engagement and consultative processes in common spaces, challenges the systemic impunity and drives legal reform. The dissemination of these booklets, and development of this project, creates a pathway towards spatial justice, and securing sustainable, dignified livelihoods.