COVID-19 Research

COVID-19 Crisis and the Informal Economy survey

Asiye eTafuleni is involved in a WIEGO-led COVID-19 Crisis and the Informal Economy survey which is being conducted in 12 cities worldwide, with the aim of assessing the impact of the pandemic on informal workers.

Round 1 was conducted midyear 2020, where Asiye eTafuleni surveyed 185 informal workers in Durban across three sectors, namely, Waste pickers, Market traders and Street vendors. Midyear 2021, Asiye eTafuleni conducted Round 2 of the study. Researchers surveyed 119 of the original Round 1 respondents and 54 additional respondents.

To find out more, you can access the Durban factsheets compiled by WIEGO below.

AeT has consulted with a reference group (made up of informal workers), and a dissemination process is underway to ensure there is meaningful engagement with relevant stakeholders in this regard. Part of this process is the development of a ‘street sheet’ (see below) which is tool to enable engagement at street level and via watsapp with our database.