Topical Articles & Reports

Topical Articles and Reports

Here you can download various resources produced by or about AeT and/or the transformation of Warwick Junction, categorised either by programme or theme.

Urban Livelihoods and Nurturing Care projects (uLiNCs)

ULiNCs is an international collaborative that supports women working in the informal economy to sustain their livelihoods, protect their health and nurture their children. There are a number of ways in which the collaborative hopes to achieve this. AeT has focused the majority of its efforts on the goals of creating safer spaces and enabling mothers to be close to their children.

Download the associated resources below to find out more about this evolving project:

World Health Organisation uLiNCs Brochure

AeT uLiNCs Final Report (2019)

Appendix B – Data Sheets

Appendix D – Multi-Purpose Street Crib

Appendix E – Iteration 1a 

Appendix F – Iteration 1b

Appendix G – Iteration 2

Appendix H – Iteration 3

Appendix I – Assembly Sequence

Appendix J – Overview / Brochure

Appendix K – Centre for Rural Health Report

World Health Organisation Bulletin Informal work and maternal and child health: a blind spot in public health and research

Urban Design and Public Space

AeT collaborates with informal workers and allied professionals in order to develop inclusive urban spaces. The goal of AeTs work is to empower the working poor to become co-developers in their working environments. We advocate investment in urban planning and design interventions, and deep consultative and participatory processes. We believe these approaches can set a trajectory for meaningful socio-economic development for informal workers operating in public spaces while enhancing the public domain through facilitating better urban management; and thus leading to an improved urban experience for all.

Download relevant resources:

“Placemaking and the Future of Cities” (2012). UN-Habitat

Project for Public Spaces. UN-Habitat’s “Placemaking and the Future of Cities” Report (Draft)

“Citizen Engagement in Deliberative Democracy: Incorporating the Informal Sector into Urban Planning”. Author: Dobson R

Find the article on pages 19-21 in Innovations in Participation: Citizen Engagement in Deliberative Democracy, Harvard Kennedy School

“Ten Strategies for Transforming Cities and Public Spaces through Placemaking” (2014). Project for Public Spaces

“Street Trade at Warwick Junction” (2016). Authors: Dobson R, Quazi T

Find the article on pages 243-247 in The City at Eye Level: Lessons for Street Plinths. Edited by Glaser M, Hoff M, Hans K, Laven J, Teeffelen (Eburon Academic Publisher, Delft, 2016)

Influencing Urban Governance and National Policy

Case study: “Come, let’s negotiate” – How street traders integrate into a thriving cityscape (2012). 

Find the case study on pages 10-11 in UCLG Hygiene, Health and Markets. Learning Exchange Report. (Maputo, 2012)

“Africa and its Public Spaces: Reimagining public spaces – contributing to the African debate” (2014).

Find the article on pages 10-11 in UCLG Searching for the promised land of Public Space: The key to an equitable African city. Peer Learning Report (Durban, 2014)

“Catering for Informal traders: Warwick Junction, Durban” (2015).

Find article on pages 35-36 in The Art of Precinct Management: A Municipal Guide (National Treasury, Draft). 

Case Study 1: Warwick Junction Market, Durban, South Africa (2015). Authors: Dobson R, Skinner C.

Find the case study on pages 55-56 in Global Public Space Toolkit: From Global Principles to Local Policies and Practice. (UN-Habitat, Nairobi, 2015)

“Urbanization and Street Vending: How street vending, an individual and a collective resource, can be integrated into the urban governance?” (2016). 

A report of the project; a series of forums, international conference, artistic events and videos. Prepared by Schlegel P and Racaud S. (IFRA, Nairobi, 2016)

Urban Transformation

“Durban’s Early Morning Market: what would Yunus do?” (2009).

Find the article on DESIGNefficiency.

“Challenging city imaginaries: Street traders’ struggles in Warwick Junction” (2011). Author: Skinner C

“Empowering Market Traders in Warwick Junction, Durban, South Africa” (2015) Authors: Conley P and Asiye eTafuleni.

WIEGO Inclusive Cities Project.

“The Informal Economy in African Cities: Key to Inclusive and Sustainable Urban Development” (2017). Author: Chen M.

OECD Development Matters.

“Including the Excluded: Supporting Informal Workers for More Equal and Productive Cities in the Global South” (2018). Authors: Chen M & Beard VA.

World Resources Report: Towards a More Equal City.

“Bridging the Formal and Informal Divide for more Equitable and Thriving Urban Economies” (2018)

Event Report & Summary.

“What Does Urban Transformation Look Like? Findings from a Global Prize Competition” (2019). Authors: Maassen A & Galvin M. Sustainability.

“Street Vendors and Public Space: Essential insights on key trends and solutions” (2020) WIEGO.