Warwick Clean-Up Campaign

The clean up campaign of the Warwick Junction area, which ran on 12th May 2010 between 9am to 1pm, was an initiative under the rubric of ‘Warwick Traders Preparing for Kickoff 2010’. As final preparation to ready the area, the traders embarked on this clean up campaign to ensure that all markets are ready to host the world.

After feeling sidelined by the City, the Warwick Junction traders decided to take it upon

themselves to turn Warwick into a tourist destination in time for the FIFA World Cup. In recent months a committee was formed comprised of representatives from all the Markets within Warwick tasked specifically for the Markets of Warwick Tour Project. To date over 300 people have visited the area and a website has been created for this purpose, on www.marketsofwarwick.co.za

The clean up campaign kicked-off from Brook Street Market through to the bus rank alongside Market Road within eThekwini’s major inner-city nodal transport interchange, by an entourage of people serious about cleaning! Dressed in ponchos and gloves, and armed with brooms, rakes, spades and bin bags; this determined group positively served to catch the attention and conscience of people, as volunteers swelled along the route and where it stimulated several discussions about the value of keeping the inner-city area clean.

The campaign proceeded through to the end with energy, grit, dignity, and purpose. With approximately 800 bags of rubbish collected, and the sheer numbers of participants from the trading community, ordinary citizens and professionals that exceeded expectations; it is clear – Warwick Junction is alive with excitement and ready to welcome local and international tourists!

This campaign was made possible by collaboration with DSW, Keep Durban Beautiful and several supporting sponsors and particularly the coordinating efforts of the NGO Asiye eTafuleni. What this demonstrates is the altruist spirit of a community of the working poor that were able to sacrifice time from their businesses and take charge of bettering their environment, which serves as inspiration for other communities across South Africa.

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