Markets of Warwick profiled in the Getaway Blog

Winners of the 2010 Travel Blog Awards, the Getaway blog has profiled an entertaining and comprehensive article with vibrant images from the Markets of Warwick by Rachel Robinson on 15 November 2011.

She writes: “Being a lover of markets, different cultures and bright shiny things I was delighted to find a colourful flyer advertising a walking tour of the Markets of Warwick whilst on holiday in Durban.

One phone call later and the next day I was being dropped off at the meeting point by my slightly concerned mother asking ‘Are you sure you going to be safe dear?’ I waved her off, promising to stick to the group and not to eat anything that could make me ill. She was off to a shopping mall and so was I. Except that mine had over 6 000 shops! OK, stalls … depending on how you look at it (on an average day the area accommodates at least 6 000 street vendors)…

I have to say that this tour was probably a highlight of my trip to Durban and I am going to spread the word unashamedly. You’ll be welcomed into a lively world where you will learn about traditions and meet interesting people. You can buy jewellery and potatoes, have a game of pool, or take home a chicken. But most of all you will be supporting an initiative that is helping boost local traders and their livelihood as well as the local tourism industry. Do this tour – I stake my sangoma beads on the fact you will love it.”

For the full article, click here.

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