Ma Violet and the Gatekeepers of Warwick Junction

Rhonda Douglas The lime and impepho (herb incense) market in Warwick Junction offers a cool respite from the heat of a Durban summer. Tables piled high with balls of chalky white lime and bundles of dry herbs line the open space as traders and customers pass by along a walkway through the centre. Sunlight filters … Read more

Informal Workers’ Seasonal Vulnerability

Rebecca Plumbley Several variables have an impact on the livelihoods of informal workers- one such factor that Asiye eTafuleni has noted is the implications of the seasons, which have an influence on resource availability. In times when their supply is low traders cannot easily diversify what they sell as they are likely to then be … Read more

The Markets of Warwick Tour features on the Saturday Independent

Tasmi Quazi “Markets are by definition, bustling places of enterprise…there are many markets within the Warwick Market complex, each with their own way of doing things.” …writes Duncan Guy, as he describes his experience of the Markets of Warwick tour which appeared in an article in the “Arts and Pleasure” segment of the Independent on … Read more

Towards Self Sufficiency: Community-based Tourism Opportunities for Informal Traders in Durban, South Africa

By Elise Selinger and Danya Sherman for Massachusetts Institute of Technology on 15 June 2015 How do informal traders, long denied equitable opportunities for resources, space, and infrastructure, take advantage of a growing tourist market without compromising their cultural heritage? What kind of institution can best support traders’ skills building and financial self-sufficiency, and how … Read more

Reflecting on AeT’s 2014 Activities and Beyond: Series 4 of 4

Tasmi Quazi Asiye eTafuleni’s (AeT) award-winning approach involves work in the following areas; design, urban intelligence, advocacy and education. Emanating from these key themes are projects, programmes and activities being carried forward into 2015. The final piece in the 4-series article will reflect on our work in “education”. An exposure dialogue programme with Workers College, … Read more

Promoting Sustainability through Inclusion of Informal Workers at SLE 2013

Written by Megan MacLeod, Photo-essay by Tasmi Quazi Without a doubt, Afrika Ntuli, leader of the cardboard recyclers of Palmer Street, is the star of AeT’s display at Durban’s Exhibition Centre for the 2013 Sustainable Living Exhibition (SLE).  Indeed, he is a little hard to miss, with his homemade cardboard top-hat festooned with a jaunty … Read more

Markets of Warwick Tour wins a Best Marquee Stand Award, second year in a row!

Phumzile Xulu Markets of Warwick Tour, a community tourism product from Warwick Junction, won the Best Marquee Stand Award at this year’s Durban International Boat and Lifestyle Show. This is a second time as last year; Markets of Warwick Tour won the same award. The show celebrated its 10th year on the 28 – 30 … Read more

Warwick Junction’s Bovine Head Market featured in Open City Projects

Tasmi Quazi The final piece on the Markets of Warwick Junction written by Kristin Neudorf for Open City Projects features the Bovine Head Market. With her usual perceptive outlook, she writes: “Durban’s Bovine Head Market is a fascinating blend of old customs and modern urban design. As the name implies, the market’s entire existence revolves … Read more