Reflections of the Reformed and our Future

In less than six months since the launch of the Markets of Warwick School Tours, almost 500 school learners have come to Warwick Junction to learn about the important role of the informal economy. For more about what motivated the school tours component, read here.

The energised and engaging Grade 10 Geaography Learners from Holy Family College

Below are three extracts taken from written assignments of reflections from Grade 10 Geography Learners from Holy Family College, on what they had learnt from their Markets of Warwick school tour experience:

‘The Markets of Warwick-­ what an experience! When I was told we were going to The Markets of Warwick I thought “oh no”. The area is perceived to be one of poverty, overcrowding and pollution. I was a little skeptical, but now, I would definitely go again. This experience for me truly captures the diversity of South Africa as a country! It is beautiful to see the mixture of cultures and races coming together. At the Markets I thought to myself “This is what Tat’Mandela has fought for”.’

Learner taking notes during the walkabout tour

‘The trip opened my eyes to my City; my home and I realized that Durban is bursting with entrepreneurs and ordinary people trying to make ends meet. The entire walk through the Markets brought nothing but friendliness…’

‘A trip to the Markets of Warwick was a fun filled educational experience and an extension on our topic of Population Geography. The area began as a way to force people (non-­whites) to switch their mode of transport. After a while people began selling on the streets and this is how the Markets began.’



2 thoughts on “Reflections of the Reformed and our Future”

  1. I just wanted to thank you, and ask that you thank everyone involved in the tour, for the amazing tour of Warwick Junction Markets that we undertook on Wednesday. I was very impressed with the organization, the tour itself, and with the input that the girls got from all the people involved. I was particularly taken with the talk at the end which pertained to the ‘rainbow nation’ and the importance of integrating the informal sector into the formal sector (and an understanding and respect for all peoples cultures). I found the whole tour very informative and moving and my wish is that all people in Durban at least get to go on the tour and appreciate the value of the markets as it was explained to us.

    • Hi Carol,

      Phumzile forwarded your message to me, thank you for the considered and perceptive comment! We really value having High School learners in the Markets because they are the ones that will shape future thinking and leadership towards a truly inclusive and democratic South Africa. Their presence is made possible by well-informed and passionate teachers like yourself, so thank you for being a true and good teacher.

      You may be interested to read some of the very interesting comments above from other learners that have undergone the Markets of Warwick experience.
      We look forward to seeing you here again!


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