TV-series Production of the Warwick Junction Story

On the weekend of the 21-22 May 2011, Warwick Junction hosted an energetic film crew representing the Smithsonian Channel for the TV series production of ‘Design with the other 90%’. This is a complimentary project of the exhibition under the same banner to be held at the United Nations Visitors Centre in New York later this year between October 2011 and January 2011. See post from 19 April 2011. The 2 day intensive shoot captured interviews on film, including photo shoots on location, covering every nook and cranny of Warwick Junction, its community of traders and the people integral in shaping this urban environment.

Architect Andrew Makin being interviewed at the Herb Market

The process involved the highly experienced Jimmy Felter, (Cameraman/Series Director), and talented support staff Monica Pinzon (Assistant Producer) and Ben Seaward (Sound Specialist), assisted by the AeT staff, informal trader John Khomo and Dyllan Smith (Logistics Manager). Various key local government officials and architects involved from the early stages of implementation and facilitation, including some prominent trader representatives from the various informal sectors in Warwick Junction were interviewed.

The key officials included AeT’s Richard Dobson and Patric Ndlovu, Architects; Joanne Lees, Jonathan Edkins, Andrew Makin, Nina Saunders and lastly Hoosen Moolla (Acting Area Manager, iTRUMP). Representing the voices of the trading community were Themba Duma (informal trader and newly elected Ward 28 Councillor); Ma Gagayi (Bovine Head Cook); Romilla Chetty (Early Morning Market trader); Ma Shezi (Poultry seller of 30 years); Traditional Healer, Kwashube (Herb Market); and Brook Street Market traders – KF Mkhize (AeT Board Chairperson) and Jabulani Sambo (also a trained tour guide of the Markets of Warwick tourism project).

The shoot was completed late into Sunday evening; in an effort to optimize every bit of day light available and to ensure a meticulous oral and visual record. For all involved, it was recognized that the occasion provided an invaluable opportunity for reflection; both on the past achievements, and also on the relevance of the work in relation to the exhibition theme – ‘Design with the other 90%’.

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    • Thanks Demetria for the compliment and the good question. The Smithsonian Channel have said it will be shown on American cable and at the end of the year we will receive a copy of the product. However, I am waiting to hear the exact details as the scheduled times and the different forms in which it will be made available. So we will keep you posted!

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