Warwick Junction’s Working Mothers – The Challenges of Balancing Livelihood and Childcare

Sarah Heneck Imagine this as your everyday life. You wake up at 3.30am in order to be able to bathe and get dressed before climbing on a 4am taxi to Warwick Junction. The taxi ride takes half an hour and you try to have a nap but you are interrupted by the numerous stops that … Read more

Asikhulume Ngamalungelo (isiZulu for “Let’s Talk about Rights”): Informal Street Workers are Gathering in Solidum

Thuli Moyo When mechanisms in place fail to fully protect the vulnerable, then empowerment and knowledge remains the only defensive stronghold for the protection of informal workers’ rights. Incident forums are designed as an advocacy tool to advance socio-economic rights for informal traders in urban spaces and are being piloted in Warwick Junction, Durban CBD … Read more

Asiye eTafuleni: Igniting Transformative Change

“From the brink of hundreds of informal traders being threatened with displacement to the thriving, collective governance of today, Warwick Junction has carved a unique path to integrating large, informal markets into a modern city.” Dr. Frannie Léautier, a Juror of the 2019 WRI Ross Prize and the Chief Operating Officer of the Eastern and … Read more

Tasmi Quazi’s Tribute to Khabazela: A Comrade Tragically Lost Too Soon

Tasmi Quazi A trader leader and Chairman of our Board at Asiye eTafuleni (AeT), Khabazela Mkhize, was recently killed. Warwick Junction has lost someone regal, a gentle warrior in our midst. We celebrate his amazing life, as well as mourn this tragic loss. “Mr Mkhize was a hero, someone who worked for the community. We … Read more

Ma Violet and the Gatekeepers of Warwick Junction

Rhonda Douglas The lime and impepho (herb incense) market in Warwick Junction offers a cool respite from the heat of a Durban summer. Tables piled high with balls of chalky white lime and bundles of dry herbs line the open space as traders and customers pass by along a walkway through the centre. Sunlight filters … Read more