Cardboard Recycling Project Profiled in Delivery Magazine

Tasmi Quazi

A review of the Imagine Durban Inner-city Cardboard Recycling Project, written by Aleksandra Brzozowski from Sustainable Cities International and Tasmi Quazi from Asiye eTafuleni, has been profiled in a South African magazine for Local Government called ‘Delivery’, in its April-June 2011 edition.

Delivery Magazine

The article notes, ‘This pilot project has contributed to a better understanding of urban management issues and how recycling can increase the incomes and dignity of the informal sector…the ideal outcome would be to ensure that the informal livelihoods for a vulnerable group could continue under better conditions by increasing the stream of recyclables material available within the supply chain and thus their opportunities. This would move South African cities closer to the goal of being green, clean, inclusive and caring.’

The article also includes comments from informal cardboard recyclers such as Maria Vilakazi that said:

‘Before the project, doing business was difficult. We were suffering because it was hard getting cardboard from the firms and people like the security officials irritated us…Because of the (introductory) letter, the trolleys and the ID, I can get more access to cardboard. I am earning more…’

You can read the complete article through Delivery’s free digital edition.

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