A Taste of Warwick

Garth Johnstone writes, ‘A tour of the markets of Durban’s Warwick area is a wonderful assault on the senses. An innovative NGO/is conducting walking tours of this hub of culture and commerce… Asiye eTafuleni has taken up the cudgels and since about the time that the World Cup kicked off they have been offering the guided walking tours, with the guides getting a real kick out of sharing their knowledge of the industry, entrepreneurship and cultures at work in this vibrant, historic area.’

Read the [download id=”12″] featured on 6 December 2010 in the Mercury for the extensive review of Garth Johstone’s experience of the Markets of Warwick tour. You can also experience it for yourself – visit www.marketsofwarwick.co.za for more details.

Based on the success of these tours, the tour guides of the Markets of Warwick together with Asiye eTafuleni are expanding the tours into the schools sector. This is because the tours cover many aspects of the current Grade 12 Geography Curriculum which will be incorporated into a specially designed student work booklet. We will post more information with the official launch of the Market of Warwick School Tours.

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