Reflection on a Field Trip to AeT’s Cardboard Recycling Project

Compiled by Tasmi Quazi As part of its dissemination strategy, Asiye eTafuleni (AeT) has welcomed the challenge of presenting its project work to interested audiences, particularly students.  This is because of AeT’s belief that a young audience can influence and contribute significantly to the future assimilation of informal workers into urban environments. Accordingly, close to … Read more

Design with the other 90%

Warwick Junction, under the rubric ‘iTRUMP’ (Inner Thekwini Regeneration & Urban Management Program) is being exhibited at the Smithsonian’s CooperHewitt, National DesignMuseum, as part of its project called ‘Design with the other 90%: CITIES’. The  idea of  ‘Design for the Other 90%’ exhibition, developed in 2007, is an ongoing series that focuses on design solutions … Read more