Durban’s Inner City Informal Transport Network

By Priyanka Govender Barrow operators are an integral part of the well-oiled machine that is the inner cities’ Warwick Junction. They play a huge role in the street ecosystem by acting as a transportation service. They cart heavy cargo to and from places on their equipment. Their routes can take them through busy roadways or … Read more

The Deeper Implications of Potholes

Priyanka Govender Picture driving on the way to work, when suddenly the entire car takes a large thump. A pothole. A common South African experience, akin to the likes of home affairs queues and loadshedding right before a deadline. Usually a situation like this is resolved in a matter of days with an insurance claim … Read more

The Palmer Street Recycling Facility: Creating change in Informal Recycling

Priyanka Govender Many have seen a woman pulling a mountainous heap of stacked cardboard on a trolley, straining to navigate the hot and cluttered Durban sidewalk as we drove past on our way to somewhere else. It’s a natural occurrence where we live that not many have spared this more than a passing thought. But … Read more