Kanyenathi: Presenting the Audit Findings

Tasmi Quazi On December 2015, Asiye eTafuleni (AeT) presented the findings of the participatory Infrastructure Audit conducted by a research team of largely trained informal workers (also referred to as traders), assisted by researchers and AeT staff earlier in the year. 23 informal worker representatives from 3 significant informal economy districts selected for the Kanyenathi … Read more

The Emergent Importance of the Informal Economy through Secondary Education

Tasmi Quazi Last year’s national trial examination paper for Grade 12, 2012 (final year of High School) geography learners, contained an entire section worth of questions on the ‘informal sector’.  The section was worth 28 marks out of the 100 marks allocated per question. An experienced educator’s aspiration is not only to broaden the minds … Read more