Friends of the Recyclers

Asiye Etafuleni invites formal businesses to support the Friends of the Recyclers programme. By donating your cardboard and paper waste to Imagine Durban cardboard recyclers, you can help to support the livelihoods of cardboard recyclers.

If you would like to be involved in this initiative, please feel free to contact Tasmi Quazi on (031) 309 3880, e-mail, or visit the website You can also download more information on the [download id=”8″ format=”2″] here.

Friends of the Recyclers - cardboard recycling programme
Left to right: Social Work student Sibusiso Zulu and cardboard recycler Victoria Bubu, stand with Len van Royen of ‘On Tap’, who frequently gives cardboard and paper waste to Victoria and other specific cardboard recyclers that approach them.

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