Proposed amendments to regulating cigarette sales

Asiye eTafuleni was asked to assist street traders selling cigarettes to look at the implications of the proposed amendments to regulations of the sale of cigarettes. It was found that the proposed amendments do not adequately account for street trading dynamics in their definitions and frameworks, and hence this sector would be unfairly targeted.

It is speculated that in South Africa, this will impact up to 60,000 hawkers and traders.

In a News24 article, British American Tobacco regulatory affairs manager, Jerry Gilbert, said, “Small traders won’t be able to sell cigarettes within one metre of anything that might attract kids. The logic seems to be that seeing cigarettes will likely lead to buying.”

Asiye eTafuleni’s Mkhululi Nonjola was quoted as saying, “We do not think it is fair because of the definition of what property may include,” and that “there could be other ways to limit the accessibility of cigarettes to children.”

Read the full News24 article, BAT slams silly cigarette law, here.

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