The Traditional Herb and Medicine Market Fire

Rebecca Plumbley On Sunday the 29th of July a fire burnt around a third of the Traditional Herb and Medicine Market. Video with permission from a known source. The Traditional Herb and Medicine Market is comprised of 289 permitted traders selling traditional medicine in the form of herbs, roots, dried plants, bulbs and bark. In … Read more

Warwick development shelved

Asiye eTafuleni has been involved in evaluating responses by city officials to a proposed Mall. The latter state of events has been brought by individual street traders that stand to be displaced because of the proposed Mall, who have subsequently launched a lawsuit against the local municipality with the assistance of the Legal Resources Centre. … Read more

Police Confrontation with Workshop Central Market Traders on 26 January 2011 [Durban, South Africa]

On 27 January 2011, Asiye eTafuleni was alerted through local newspapers, [download id=”4″] and the [download id=”5″], about a violent scuffle between South African Police Service (SAPS) officials and traders on the 26th of January at the site from which they operate, in the central markets of the Workshop Shopping Centre. The chairperson of the … Read more