Silindokuhle Micro-Childcare Facility: Reviving hope for children of informally working mothers

Micro-childcare facility Brook Street by Jo Lees

Sarah Heneck AeTs childcare project which has been in the pipeline for the past 3 years (details available in the previous blogpost ) was unfortunately put on hold due to the COVID-19 induced nationwide lockdown which came into effect in March 2020. This was just weeks before the first childcare facility designed specifically to cater … Read more

AeT has broadened their scope of work to respond to evolving urban needs; childcare

Sarah Heneck From an outsider’s perspective, this may seem unrelated to AeTs mandate, which is focused on supporting informal workers livelihoods. However, when one engages more deeply with the informal worker community of Warwick Junction it becomes clear that this community is made up not only of street vendors, market traders, informal recyclers and their … Read more