Silindokuhle Micro-Childcare Facility: Reviving hope for children of informally working mothers

Micro-childcare facility Brook Street by Jo Lees

Sarah Heneck AeTs childcare project which has been in the pipeline for the past 3 years (details available in the previous blogpost ) was unfortunately put on hold due to the COVID-19 induced nationwide lockdown which came into effect in March 2020. This was just weeks before the first childcare facility designed specifically to cater … Read more

Umzanyana: a case study for technological innovation among informal workers

The challenge: informal worker mothers   Roanne Moodley 74% of informal workers (or traders) in Sub-Saharan Africa are women (WIEGO). Pregnant women are among the most vulnerable of these, facing socio-economic and physical obstacles to their maternal health throughout their pregnancies. After giving birth, they often have to choose between earning an income to financially … Read more