Silindokuhle Micro-Childcare Facility: Reviving hope for children of informally working mothers

Micro-childcare facility Brook Street by Jo Lees

Sarah Heneck AeTs childcare project which has been in the pipeline for the past 3 years (details available in the previous blogpost ) was unfortunately put on hold due to the COVID-19 induced nationwide lockdown which came into effect in March 2020. This was just weeks before the first childcare facility designed specifically to cater … Read more

Public Space [Health] Safety: A response to COVID-19

Toni Ottanelli-Gale As the wave of the COVID-19 pandemic reached South Africa, the nation mobilised swiftly and implemented necessary measures to ‘flatten the curve’ of COVID-19 cases. Despite broad awareness of COVID-19, an understanding of the way the virus spreads and mechanisms to prevent transmission of this highly contagious virus, were limited This is particularly … Read more

AeT has broadened their scope of work to respond to evolving urban needs; childcare

Sarah Heneck From an outsider’s perspective, this may seem unrelated to AeTs mandate, which is focused on supporting informal workers livelihoods. However, when one engages more deeply with the informal worker community of Warwick Junction it becomes clear that this community is made up not only of street vendors, market traders, informal recyclers and their … Read more

2019 SAIA-KZN Awards for Architecture

Richard Dobson Architect, in partnership with AeT, received a Special Mention for Work of Social Importance. Recognising the significance of urban design that impacts positively on some of the poorest and most vulnerable workers. Despite the City providing basic infrastructure for the Mealie Cooks, a major challenge lies in the current cooking method of using … Read more

Non-Motorised Transport Operators: Integral Linkages in the Informal Economy

Sarah Heneck With the world’s ever-expanding urban population and the need to focus on environmentally friendly modes of transport in order to decrease carbon emissions, non-motorized transport (NMT) has become a major focus for city planners. Those who use cycling and walking as their means of commuting to and from work are generally at the … Read more

Warwick Junction’s Working Mothers – The Challenges of Balancing Livelihood and Childcare

Sarah Heneck Imagine this as your everyday life. You wake up at 3.30am in order to be able to bathe and get dressed before climbing on a 4am taxi to Warwick Junction. The taxi ride takes half an hour and you try to have a nap but you are interrupted by the numerous stops that … Read more

Reflecting on 2018: Part 2

Rebecca Plumbley As we reach the end of 2018, we look back on ten significant projects and events that happened this year. This is Part 2 of the list. 6. Herb Market Fire On the 29th of July a fire destroyed around a third of the Traditional Herb and Medicine Market, burning the stock and … Read more