Part 2 – Inclusive urban design and policy that dignifies the Os’gadla

(This blog forms part of a series, see Part 1: Os’gadla; an unrecognised, yet extremely robust workforce in transit) ‘By 2030, eThekwini Municipality will be Africa’s most caring and liveable city.’ This is the IDP vision for eThekwini – the municipality in which Durban is situated. In order to make this ambitious goal a reality, … Read more

Warwick Junction’s Working Mothers – The Challenges of Balancing Livelihood and Childcare

Sarah Heneck Imagine this as your everyday life. You wake up at 3.30am in order to be able to bathe and get dressed before climbing on a 4am taxi to Warwick Junction. The taxi ride takes half an hour and you try to have a nap but you are interrupted by the numerous stops that … Read more

The Significance of WIEGO’s 20th Birthday

  Tasmi Quazi Founded in mid-1997, Women in Informal Employment: Globalising and Organising (WIEGO) has been a pioneer in advocating for and with informal workers at numerous levels – in shaping new and innovative approaches to research, organising, policy formulation and development practice. 2017 marks WIEGO’s 20th year of existence which is being celebrated by … Read more

AeT’s Renewed Vision: Inclusive Urban Design & Planning as a Driver of Change

Tasmi Quazi The Asiye eTafuleni (AeT) team appeared in the weekly edition of the Mail & Guardian newspaper as one of the highlights of the past 25 years of its annual “Investing in the Future and Drivers of Change” Awards platform. Under 2011, the article shows a picture of the AeT team at the awards … Read more

AeT Featured in ‘Spark’ Newsletter for Igniting Local Action

Tasmi Quazi Asiye eTafuleni’s (AeT) work in the realm of inclusive urban planning and design was featured in Spark Newsletter (March 2013, Issue 7, pages 15 and 16). AeT’s work appeared under the theme “Public Participation”, including an excerpt on its Markets of Warwick community tourism project which received a Mayoral Award of Excellence in … Read more