The Significance of WIEGO’s 20th Birthday

  Tasmi Quazi Founded in mid-1997, Women in Informal Employment: Globalising and Organising (WIEGO) has been a pioneer in advocating for and with informal workers at numerous levels – in shaping new and innovative approaches to research, organising, policy formulation and development practice. 2017 marks WIEGO’s 20th year of existence which is being celebrated by … Read more

Reflecting on 2016 and Beyond: Part 2 of 2

Tasmi Quazi This article is the second part of a reflection piece of our work in 2016 and after much deliberation, we selected 16 major events or projects to highlight, much of which is continuing into the present year. Part 1 covered organisation milestones such as new funding support, project achievements particularly those breaking new … Read more

Reflecting on 2016 and Beyond: Part 1 of 2

Tasmi Quazi As AeT concluded 2016, it provided the opportune moment to reflect on our organisation and our work. We identified over 20 things on a list, but will share the top 16, wide-ranging events and project work which have impacted and continue to impact the organisation: 1. Cape Town @Work: AeTs’s replicability AeT delivered … Read more

An inclusive and participatory design process for the Bovine Cooks Facility: Part 1

Photo courtesy of Angela Buckland  Annalise Mathers and Phumelele Mkhize  Over the past few months, AeT has become involved in the development and planning process of upgrading the existing facility for the Bovine Head Cooks market in Warwick Junction. This process of working with informal workers and city officials has illustrated some of the challenges … Read more

The Foundations of the Kanyenathi Project: ‘Community’ Engagement

Tasmi Quazi Asiye eTafuleni (AeT) has embarked on the Kanyenathi Project since October 2014. The isiZulu name “Kanyenathi” means “with us” and is intended to enable informal workers from three informal economy markets districts; CBD, Warwick Junction and Bester to understand and participate in development processes. The informal economy district of Bester. Photo: Tasmi Quazi. … Read more

The AeT Team Composition & Approach to Partnerships

Tasmi Quazi The unique attribute of Asiye eTafuleni (AeT) within the “informal” economy sector is believed to be the deliberate integration of urban planning and design expertise coupled with comprehensive social facilitation services. The prioritisation of the grounded social facilitation seeks to place AeT at the intersection of rights based consciousness, responsive urban management and … Read more