Nompumelelo Ndaba: The woman of many hats

Written by Erik Lønne & Photographs by Kristine Rød Since the start of January of 2017, Nompumelelo Ndaba has been working as an intern with Asiye eTafuleni (AeT), a Non-Profit Organisation, situated by the heart of the busy and bustling Warwick Junction. The twenty-four-year-old leads a hectic life, juggling her internship, making the traditional Zulu … Read more

Reflecting on 2016 and Beyond: Part 1 of 2

Tasmi Quazi As AeT concluded 2016, it provided the opportune moment to reflect on our organisation and our work. We identified over 20 things on a list, but will share the top 16, wide-ranging events and project work which have impacted and continue to impact the organisation: 1. Cape Town @Work: AeTs’s replicability AeT delivered … Read more

Markets of Warwick: A local experience with connections to global market culture

Victoria Okoye Every market has its own particular history, layout, social and economic dynamics, but in each and every market, vendors’ commercial dynamism creates a rich sense of place. For example, the Friday Bead Market at Warwick Junction is when and where the sidewalks of Russell Street overpass come to life. From early morning, bead … Read more

The Markets of Warwick Tour features on the Saturday Independent

Tasmi Quazi “Markets are by definition, bustling places of enterprise…there are many markets within the Warwick Market complex, each with their own way of doing things.” …writes Duncan Guy, as he describes his experience of the Markets of Warwick tour which appeared in an article in the “Arts and Pleasure” segment of the Independent on … Read more

Towards Self Sufficiency: Community-based Tourism Opportunities for Informal Traders in Durban, South Africa

By Elise Selinger and Danya Sherman for Massachusetts Institute of Technology on 15 June 2015 How do informal traders, long denied equitable opportunities for resources, space, and infrastructure, take advantage of a growing tourist market without compromising their cultural heritage? What kind of institution can best support traders’ skills building and financial self-sufficiency, and how … Read more