Urban utopia of exclusivity versus urban realism of inclusivity: Mall or Market Place?

Written by Tasmi Quazi & Richard Dobson Since 1996, the example of the Warwick Junction urban renewal project in Durban (South Africa) has tested the relationship between public transport, the commensurate footfall and the opportunity that this has afforded to sustaining the livelihoods of nearly 8 000 street traders. In addition, there has been reciprocal … Read more

The Changing Face of Business

Photograph & article written by Saffron Baggallay, Compiled by Tasmi Quazi Reflecting on her experience of the Markets of Warwick Junction on 17 April 2012, Saffron Baggallay shares some very perceptive thoughts on the role of the informal economy on TomorrowToday’s blog. She writes: “…Whilst I was wondering around this magical place, contemplating all that … Read more

The 1000th visitor to the Markets of Warwick

Friday 8th of July 2011 was a momentous morning for the Warwick Junction trading community including Asiye eTafuleni. Two separate Markets of Warwick tours were conducted with a total of 50 visitors, amongst which one was the 1000th guest!