Film Screening of “We Came in Spring Carts”

Tasmi Quazi A documentary entitled “We Came in Spring Carts” was aired at the 1860 Heritage Centre in Durban during May 2019.  It refers to the Indian indentured labourers that were one of the very first set of traders, who used to transport their fresh produce in Spring Carts.  They were originally located at what … Read more

Reflecting on 2018: Part 1

­Rebecca Plumbley As we reach the end of 2018, we look back on ten significant projects and events that happened this year. 1. World Resources Institute: Ross Prize Top 5 On the 12th of December, it was announced that AeT is one of the top 5 for the World Resources Institute’s Ross Prize. The prize … Read more

EMM 80 +24 Heritage Day Celebration

Richard Dobson & Tasmi Quazi The Early Morning Market (EMM) has been in the Durban’s Warwick Junction precinct for 88 years and in existence for a further 24 years. That in in itself was a cause for celebration for this year’s national heritage day on 24 September.   During the Union of International Architects (UIA) … Read more

Critique from the Streets: The Parallels between Turkey, Brazil and South Africa

Richard Dobson & Tasmi Quazi The state approaches to the determined pursuit of “world class” urbanism without adequate public participation, and the ensuing protests in both Brazil and Turkey of late, are corroborating the South African experience. Namely, how damaging this approach is to basic service provision for lower socio-economic groups of society. The increased … Read more

Collaborative Urban Management

By Tasmi Quazi, Mxolisi Cele & Richard Dobson There is a critical benefit which enhanced infrastructure brings to informal workers, such as access to basic shelter and services as water and electricity, and urban management in terms of cleanliness, safety and security.  However, an often neglected aspect of infrastructure provision is the after-care of infrastructure … Read more

Urban utopia of exclusivity versus urban realism of inclusivity: Mall or Market Place?

Written by Tasmi Quazi & Richard Dobson Since 1996, the example of the Warwick Junction urban renewal project in Durban (South Africa) has tested the relationship between public transport, the commensurate footfall and the opportunity that this has afforded to sustaining the livelihoods of nearly 8 000 street traders. In addition, there has been reciprocal … Read more

Meet the Markets of Warwick’s newly qualified tour guides!

When the Markets of Warwick tour project was initiated, it was clear that the traders themselves would be the best tour guides to guide and showcase their markets. A trader was selected from each market to attend a tour guide training programme, and they all qualified as professional tour guides in December 2010.