The 1000th visitor to the Markets of Warwick

Friday 8th of July 2011 was a momentous morning for the Warwick Junction trading community including Asiye eTafuleni. Two separate Markets of Warwick tours were conducted with a total of 50 visitors, amongst which one was the 1000th guest!

Meet the Markets of Warwick’s newly qualified tour guides!

When the Markets of Warwick tour project was initiated, it was clear that the traders themselves would be the best tour guides to guide and showcase their markets. A trader was selected from each market to attend a tour guide training programme, and they all qualified as professional tour guides in December 2010.

Warwick Junction informal traders qualify as tour guides

December 1st 2010 was an important day for the traders in Warwick Junction. Friends, family members and colleagues came to celebrate the achievements made by eight Warwick Junction traders who had completed a rigorous training programme to become the first local tour guides for the Markets of Warwick Tour. When the Markets of Warwick Tour … Read more