Reflecting on 2018: Part 1

­Rebecca Plumbley As we reach the end of 2018, we look back on ten significant projects and events that happened this year. 1. World Resources Institute: Ross Prize Top 5 On the 12th of December, it was announced that AeT is one of the top 5 for the World Resources Institute’s Ross Prize. The prize … Read more

Bovine Head Cooks Part 2: Urban and Ritual Metamorphosis

Rebecca Plumbley This blog post is the 2nd part of the story of the bovine head cooks; read part 1 here. The evolution of the bovine head cooks in Warwick Junction speaks to two interrelated transformations- a physical urban metamorphosis and the urbanisation of rituals and traditions. The bovine head cooks were originally located on … Read more

Bovine Head Cooks Part 1: History and Memory

Rebecca Plumbley Bovine head meat served with steamed bread is a popular meal in Warwick. Cooking involves the cleaving of meat off the skull bones which takes about 30 minutes. The meat is then boiled in a pot for an hour. In Warwick Junction the main consumers of bovine head meat are the porters and … Read more

Africa Architecture Awards 2017- Lessons, reflections and observations

Roanne Moodley Phil Mashabane, the 2017 Africa Architecture Awards ambassador, in his inaugural written piece about this year’s Awards, said  that “Local people take their knowledge for granted; it’s part of their daily lives… This creates important space for dialogue – critical dialogue” This was the first year that the “Critical Dialogue” category was included … Read more

Towards Self Sufficiency: Community-based Tourism Opportunities for Informal Traders in Durban, South Africa

By Elise Selinger and Danya Sherman for Massachusetts Institute of Technology on 15 June 2015 How do informal traders, long denied equitable opportunities for resources, space, and infrastructure, take advantage of a growing tourist market without compromising their cultural heritage? What kind of institution can best support traders’ skills building and financial self-sufficiency, and how … Read more

Reflecting on AeT’s 2014 Activities and Beyond: Series 1 of 4

Tasmi Quazi Asiye eTafuleni’s (AeT) award-winning approach involves work in the following areas; design, urban intelligence, education and advocacy. Emanating from these key themes are projects, programmes and activities. This four-series article will elaborate some current examples being carried forward into 2015. The first in the series will reflect on our work in the area … Read more

Collaborative Design: An Alternate Way

Tasmi Quazi Collaborative Design: An Alternate Way, is the title and proposition of an article written by Asiye eTafuleni’s (AeT) Research Officer, as featured in the KZ-NIA Journal 1/2013, from pages 10-13.  It is the feature article in a special journal edition called “Spilt Milk”, an initiative aimed at fostering collaboration and inclusivity between architects … Read more

Warwick Junction’s Bovine Head Market featured in Open City Projects

Tasmi Quazi The final piece on the Markets of Warwick Junction written by Kristin Neudorf for Open City Projects features the Bovine Head Market. With her usual perceptive outlook, she writes: “Durban’s Bovine Head Market is a fascinating blend of old customs and modern urban design. As the name implies, the market’s entire existence revolves … Read more